Our Objectives

    To provide our Customers with high quality professional fabricare at a reasonable cost. To treat our customers and their garments with courtesy and respect in order to foster a relationship of loyalty and trust between our company and our customers.

We Recycle     To be good stewards of the environment, by using up-to-date processing technology, properly maintaining our equipment and reusing or recycling materials whenever possible.

    To provide a pleasant and cooperative working atmosphere for our employees, compensating them with fair wages for their efforts and allowing them opportunities to educate and advance themselves within our company and the fabricare industry.

Supporter of Local Events & Charities     To be active in the communities surrounding our stores by supporting local events, and by participating in charities and activities which foster goodwill within the community.

    As one of our valued customers you can count on us taking care of your garments.

        We provide the following special care:

De-Lint Garments           

De-lint Garments

Replace Buttons or Other Repairs           
• Replace Missing Buttons

• Perform Minor Repairs
Provide Meticulous Shirt Service           

Provide Meticulous Shirt Service

We Recycle & Reuse           
• Re-cycle and Re-use Hangers!

• Re-cycle Paper and Cardboard
Re-useable Laundry/Valet Bags

We also have available:

Re-useable Laundry/Valet bags.

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